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WP Series 14-head 0.5L Compack
WP Series 14-head 0.8L Compack
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Product WP Series 14-head 0.5L Compack Machine
MODEL : WP-1440☆05
Main features:
1、 Compack design : Microcomputer scales and packaging machine unified operation ,improve the weighing and packing speed,
2、 High precision, small target weighing: Choose the best combination, high accuracy and high speed combination;
3、 Simple high-speed operation: Microcomputer control, touch screen display, convenient operation and maintenance
4、 Compact size: Unique one-piece structure, vastly reduces factory height requirement; is a great space-saver
5、 Precise positioning: Servo control tension of film, tensions film for accurate positioning, Electric automatic tracking and trademark accurate locationing.
6、 Quick return on investment: great savings on raw material and labor cost.

Net Weight:540kg Voltage:220V Power:5000W Frequency:50 or 60HZ (optional)
Main function:
Completely automatic weighing, filling, film-pulling, bag-making, bag-punching (holing), printing, and quantity-counting.
Dry & Processed Food, Fresh and Frozen Foods:
  Snack Food, Seeds, Nuts, Coffee (granules/ beans), Tea, Sugar, Grated Cheese, Bakery Products, Candies & Confectionery, Rice, Nuts & Dried Fruits, Spices, Pasta, Pet Food (pellets) etc.
Other: Non Food:
  Medium Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Auto, Electrical and Plumbing Parts etc.

Model WP-144005
Size 10.4 inch touch screen
Weigh head nos. 14
Weigh bucket volume 0.5L
Hopper material 304 stainless steel(a=plain,b=dimpled)
Single weighing range 10-500g
Max. weight 1000g
Weighing accuracy ±0.3g-1.5g
Max width of roll film 400mm
Bag width 60~190mm
Bag length 50~230mm
Packaging type Complex film(Special materials need to be order)
Film drive power Servo Motor
End seal power Servo Motor
Air consumption 0.2m3 /min,0.6MPa
Max.packing speed 100(bags/min)
Power 5KW
Frequency/Voltage 220V 50/60Hz(alternative)
NW. / GW. 540kg/640kg
Package size/mm 1556×1366×2078
* Note: The actual weighing & packing speed will be subject to various kinds of factors,
like the product features,bag-making size, packing materials and filling speed, etc.